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Amara La Negra educates The Breakfast Club

Be humble and listen

Amara La Negra of Love & Hip Hop Miami has been standing firm for Afro-Latinas ever since producer Young Hollywood made his insulting comments about her hair and heritage.

The scene caused a lot of talk on social media. The result being, people are more aware of Afro-Latinas and their presence internationally.

Amara was able to talk about her struggle as an Afro-Latina on the popular radio show The Breakfast Club. Unfortunately, not all of the hosts were as open to the conversation as they could be.

It was apparent that DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God were ignorant to the plight of Afro-Latinas. Charlamagne was the most confused during the discussion and could not wrap his head around the conversation being had.

For those who don’t understand what an Afro-Latina is, or why is this such a big deal concerning Amara, let’s break it down. We all know that slavery was the first step in the long troubled history of race relations in the United States.

People of African descent were taken from their homes and transported to America to become the property of White slave owners. However, people often forget that slaves were first delivered to South America and the Caribbean before they ever entered what is now the United States.

The systems of slavery in those areas were entirely different than the ones which we are typically educated.This allowed a lot of integration amongst the natives, people of European descent, and the African slaves. That’s why there are a lot of different colors, shades, and features that are present in the Latin community.

Another thing that Charlamagne was unable to wrap his head around is the lane that Amara was trying to go in. Amara is a Latin music artist who is trying to go from the Latin market to the American market.

Meaning that she’s trying to make Latin music for the American public. She’s not a rapper like Cardi B, but a singer. On top of that, she’s a black woman making Latin music.

There are a lot of layers to what Amara is trying to do so it’s easy for people to get confused. Unfortunately, after explaining herself multiple times, it seemed as though her words were falling on death ears. Angela Yee was the only person in the room who completely got it.

To make matters worse, Charlamagne repeatedly tried to act as if he couldn’t understand why something, like being Afro-Latina or being a black woman making Latin music, would matter in 2018. He couldn’t understand how people could think that Amara was odd.

Yes, it’s ridiculous for people to question Amara and her heritage. However, it’s believable that people could be so ignorant. Charlamagne was definitely ignorant to where Amara comes from, and what she is.

In a world where Donald Trump is the president, immigrants are under fire, and police brutality is still an issue, it’s impossible to say that something like a misunderstanding regarding race is ridiculous.  Especially, when you’re someone who doesn’t fully understand the history of people of African descent.

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