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Andy Rourke shoots down Classically Smiths

Just when this so-called Smiths “reunion” couldn’t get any worse, it does.

On Friday, January 19 the band’s drummer, Mike Joyce teased fans on his Facebook with the words “Summer 2018.” Next to the post he tagged bassist Andy Rourke and second guitarist Craig Gannon.

It was later revealed that the three would embark on a project with the Manchester Camerata Orchestra. Performing a series of concerts coming this summer in which they call “Classically Smiths.”Long-time Smith admirers didn’t know how to react. Nobody thought this could possibly turn out good without Morrissey and Johnny Marr to complete the quinary.

With two members down already, another backs out. It was discovered that Rourke’s name was dragged into the involvement of “Classically Smiths” and he denies ever agreeing to it in the first place. Shocking to say the least, the statements were all fabricated to the public without his permission. In a press release on Monday morning, Rourke is quoted as saying the following statement below.

“To have been there the first time round and seen it first hand, and to still be such a big fan of The Smiths today, I am both thrilled and excited to be involved in Classically Smiths. I’m really proud of the band’s work, and being able to present those songs again in this particular production format promises to be a real gift for audiences everywhere.”

A rep for Rourke contacted Rolling Stone hours after the story was leaked across social media to clear the air. The email stated that he never signed on for any new gigs, even though he was falsely quoted otherwise.

“At no point in time did Andy Rourke agree to participate or otherwise license or authorize the use of his name, likeness or any personal quotes in any manner in connection with this Classically Smiths project.”Explains Rourke’s rep. “The parties involved were advised of this on multiple occasions prior to them going to press. A press conference and press release were scheduled and serviced to the media without Andy Rourke’s or his team’s knowledge or approval. Any quotes by Andy Rourke that were attributed in any press materials in regards to the Classically Smiths project were not provided, authorized or otherwise approved by him or his representatives.”

The production company Bad Production Ltd. had high hopes that Rourke would jump on the idea. However, they also reached out to say that it was neither officially approved by either Rourke or his team.

The rep also sent out this statement to Pitchfork  “Any quotes by Andy Rourke regarding this project are 100% fabricated and without approval.”

To make matters even more upsetting, is how Rourke’s name is being thrown into negative controversy.Especially after losing his close friend and D.A.R.K. partner, Cranberries’ singer Dolores O’Riordan just last week. Still struggling with her loss he released a press statement of his own.

“I am deeply saddened that during the week of the death of my dear friend Dolores O’Riordan, that false statements are made on my behalf,” Rourke told Rolling Stone. “At no time did I give my consent for anyone in connection with this Classically Smiths project to act on my behalf or my name and nothing was ever confirmed, approved or contracted by me or my team.”

As of now there’s no further information on comments by the other two members who agreed. But it has been confirmed that the Classically Smiths concerts have now been nixed due to all the drama. Joel Perry of Bad Production Ltd. released a statement today confirming it.

“In response to recent comments in the press, the planned Classically Smiths events will now, no longer be taking place.” Said Perry.

It looks as if this “reunion” went sour quicker than fans predicted, not a smart decision on anybody involved.

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