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Michael Jordan Wants an All-Star in Kemba Walker Trade

Is he worth it?

The real king has spoken. Responding to questions regarding Charlotte’s desire to trade guard Kemba Walker, Hornets owner Michael Jordan said it would take an all-star to get Walker from Charlotte.

“It’s not like we are shopping him. We would not just give him up. I love Kemba Walker. I would not trade him for anything but an All-Star player,” Jordan said.

Walker has been with the franchise since being drafted in 2011. Despite playing in a franchise that only makes TV when playing Golden State, Cleveland, or in a Stephen Curry documentary, Walker has posted decent numbers throughout his career. That being said, he is not franchise player material, nor is he an adequate first scoring option. His career averages come to 18.1 PPG and a 41.2 field goal percentage. Not awful numbers by any means, but does he really merit an All-Star?

It’s likely the case that Jordan is not saying: “Kemba is a superstar”, it’s more like “We need a superstar.” In what is easily the lesser Conference in the NBA, Charlotte finds itself wedged between a liquidating Sears (Chicago Bulls) and a relatively thriving single woman who just got out of a tough breakup (New York Knicks). They haven’t done anything of relevance since drafting Walker, and this is their attempt to build something, because you can’t rebuild if you didn’t have anything built in the first place.

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