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5 Reasons Why America Hates the New England Patriots

Let the hatred flow.

There is, perhaps, nothing more ironic than the fact that the most hated teams in America are named the Patriots and the Yankees. Going into this year’s Super Bowl matchup between the Patriots and Eagles, the hate for New England is, perhaps, at an all-time high. Here are 10 reasons why America just can’t stand the Patriots.

5. Bill Belichick’s sleeve habits.

NFL branded gear isn’t cheap. A Nike sweatshirt with the Patriots logo costs upwards of $80. Of course, $80 is nothing to men who make millions of dollars, and they likely get the gear free anyway, but this is ludicrous. By cutting off the sleeves Bill Belichick has, by this point in his career, ruined enough sweatshirts and jackets to feed an entire third-world country. His lack of regard for the hungry is sickening.

4. It’s a broken record.

If you look at the ratings for the first Air Bud movie versus Air Bud 56: Jai Alai Little Guy, you’ll notice something; the first movie does better. The Patriots in the Super Bowl routine is getting old, and people want something new. People want new teams in the Super Bowl for the same reason they hide their kid’s favorite movie and act like it got lost forever: end the headache and the repetition.

3. Tom Brady‘s socks.

Nobody talks about this, but take a look at your three-year-old niece’s socks at the end of the day, and look at Brady’s socks on the field. They’re exactly the same. Those saggy, weird socks bunched around his shoes will make any drill sergeant have a fit, and drive the rest of America insane.

2. The cheating.

Now let’s get real. People will say that every team does it or assert that “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying”, but if a team is winning this much and has already been found cheating on multiple occasions, who’s to say they aren’t cheating now? Spygate was just part one, when the Patriots were caught and fined for taping Jets’ coaches’ signals from an unauthorized location in 2007. Deflategate rocked the NFL just two years ago, when New England was accused of deflating footballs before their playoff matchup with the Colts. A slightly deflated football is easier to throw and catch in harsh conditions, which is why it’s illegal to do. Brady’s subsequent four-game suspension didn’t quite feel like justice, as the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl anyway.

1. The press conferences.

This one is, perhaps, easier to understand. The Patriots, particularly Belichick, are notorious for cryptic and brief press conferences.

The press has GOT to be annoying to deal with at times for pro athletes and coaches, but come on. Be a human being, Bill! He just comes off as a really stubborn and cryptic high school math teacher, whose low salary and years of being around teenagers has made him into something his younger self would cry at.


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