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Watch: Lily Allen goes dark on Trigger Bang

The Dark Daze

Lily Allen is back with a vengeance.

The British artist, who hasn’t released any new music since her third album in 2014 entitled Sheezus, returns with “Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)” and a video to match.

The song depicts the dark depths of the British party scene.

“It fuels my addictions/hanging out in this whirlwind” and that “everyone’s a trigger.”

Lily, known for being a party girl early in her career nods to that timeframe throughout the video. There’s heavy drinking, drug use, promiscuity, clubbing and other manners of hedonism.

However, it’s the lyrics “that’s why I can’t hang with the cool gang” that shows her tremendous growth.

The video is directed by Myles Whittingham, a photographer who runs the UK based production company Elixir Pictures, and who has worked heavily with Giggs on both solo videos as well as collaborations in the past. His attention to detail and almost personal video treatments are both evocative and proof that he’s a director to look out for.

“Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)” is the first track off of Allen’s soon to be released fourth studio album entitled No Shame. Not only that, but Allen also announced that she will playing a trio of shows in the UK, the first since 2015, slated for this March.

Allen has also been in the news for calling out the Wireless Festival for its lack of female representation, as there are only three female acts on the roster.

The post parked conversation about the appalling treatment of female artists not being seen as a draw for large festival crowds.

Two heavy hits to the media in two days? Lily Allen is here and this time, she’s not holding back.

Watch: Lily Allen w/ Giggs “Trigger Bang”

Lily Allen Tour Dates

20 March – Manchester Gorilla
21 March – London – Tufnell Park Dome
23 March – Glasgow – King Tuts

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