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Vivienne Westwood denounces documentary about her career

Punk icon


Photo by: WWD

Photo by: WWD

Vivienne Westwood released a statement advising how director Lorna Tucker did not capture Westwood at her best in her new documentary. The film titled, “Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist,” made its debut on Jan. 20, at the Sundance Film Festival 2018.

The documentary is to celebrate her artistry and activism, with hope in Westwood’s message to the world to be received. Tucker’s focus on Westwood’s contribution to the fashion industry is why the activist disagreed with the piece. The British fashion house released a statement via Twitter over the weekend stating:

“The Vivienne Westwood documentary set for release this year, Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist, has been made and produced by a third party and as it stands is not endorsed by Vivienne Westwood,” it reads. “Lorna Tucker asked to film Vivienne’s activism and followed her around for a couple of years but there’s not even five minutes of activism in the film. Instead, there’s lots of old fashion footage, which is free and available to view online. It’s a shame because the film is mediocre, and Vivienne and Andreas [Westwood’s partner] are not.”

The 77-year-old is known to be passionate about many political causes such as the campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, climate change, and civil rights groups. Along with her commitment to activism, she is widely credited for trendsetting modern punk within the fashion industry.

The feature-length film was to include interviews with her close family and friends. A closer review of her intimate relationship with British performer, Malcolm McLaren in the 70’s was to be included. It was agreed to display her beautiful chaos of struggles and success, throughout her journey from punk to icon.

Tucker has yet to respond to the statement. Fans of the designer hope that Tucker represented Westwood as well as Westwood represented herself through her designs and her quest for social justice.


Director, Lorna Tucker, issued a response saying:

“Vivienne knows I have the utmost respect for her activism, which is integrated into the film as the passionate driving force of all she does. As a director, I wanted to make a film that would engage a wide global audience by creating an authentic portrait of an artist and activist. I’m very proud of the film, and so honoured that it’s one of the 16 films selected for competition at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. Vivienne is a huge inspiration to me, and I hope audiences go away feeling the same.”

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