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Column: Are Football Fans Already Forgetting Carson Wentz?

Crippled, but not forgotten.

Nick Foles is having the time of his life right now. Just a few weeks ago he was in the backseat of a rollercoaster ride season in Philadelphia, now he finds himself at the controls and thriving. It’s because he’s used to adjusting, used to thriving in his moments in the spotlight. But have fans forgotten who brought the team to this point before it was handed to Foles?

Carson Wentz is 25 years old and living up to every tidbit of hype that surrounded him coming out of FCS powerhouse North Dakota State University, where he ended with 5 National Championships (including his redshirt year). This season, in 13 games before his ACL injury, he doubled his touchdown total from 16 games last year and cut his interception numbers in half (16 and 14 last year, 33 and 7 this year), and ended with a QBR of 101.9.

Now, he stands, smiling, with the help of crutches on the Eagles’ sideline. He studies film with the other quarterbacks, stays positive for the team, and is thrilled to see his buddy Foles so successful. Wentz is, perhaps, the least surprised by Foles’s success. He was a Pro Bowl selection in 2013 and has had plenty of time starting for various NFL franchises. He’s likely provided the same support Wentz is now offering during Wentz’s streak of success.

Foles deserves every ounce of credit he’s receiving currently; it’s no easy task taking a team to the Super Bowl after 13 games as a backup, but Wentz should not go forgotten. Obviously, it’ll be Foles’ play on the field that determines if Philadelphia can pull off the upset. But the Eagles wouldn’t have been the top seed, even if they were the “underdog top seed”, had it not been for Wentz’s outstanding regular season.

All of that being said, the numbers don’t lie concerning Foles. With him under center, assuming he can continue the dominance he’s demonstrated in the playoffs, the Philadelphia offense has a major advantage over the New England defense. The Eagles defense will put up a solid fight against Brady and the Pats offense, but Foles has been far too much for their opponents to this point. Wentz brought the offense confidence and cohesion, and Foles has done more than enough not to screw it up and continue the success they’re having.

So, as you cheer or hate on Nick Foles, give him credit where credit is due. He’s doing a phenomenal job stepping in and leading the team to victory, but don’t forget the man who got the ball rolling. Carson Wentz is still a hero, and that ring will look great in his trophy case if Foles and the Eagles can keep it rolling.

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