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Review: Down & Out Brings Pop-Punk to Life With ‘Horizon’

A new pop-punk group is taking over 2018.

The Brissie quartet, Down & Out already made an excellent first impression. These “new kids” on the block are fusing together their own signature sound that can rival against other significant bands in the pop-punk scene such as Simple Plan, All Time Low, and New Found Glory. 

Forming in January 2017, the crew is made up of leading man Andy Mouland, guitarist Mark Gravina, bassist Anthony Nissen, and drummer Josh Casey. Throughout the years, the foursome has been involved in various projects to build up a name for themselves.

They supported other acts in the same genre category. Which includes Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes, Kid Courageous and Lee Harding. Facing grueling competition, they spent most of their time in the studio firing up plans for their debut single and brewing their EP release.

Tracks from their first EP entitled “All The Way” and “Don’t Leave Tonight”  can be heard off their album Take on the town. The lyrics spiral listeners back into the punk-rock era of the mid-2000s. Pumping up that care-free “I don’t care” attitude created by various other bands of that generation. But here and now, it’s their turn to step into the limelight.

To their surprise, the band scored a victorious triumph. A long-time musical idol of the group, Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights agreed to jump-start their journey to success. The Ohio native is featured on their debut single titled ‘Horizon’ which was released earlier this month.

“We were so honoured to be able to work with Nick as Hit The Lights have long been heroes of ours.” The band noted in a statement.

The song itself takes off like a rapid speedball. The upbeat tune could make anybody want to get up and dance. Like noted in their other singles, the song brings back the nostalgia of teenage angst, all the while hitting the road and never looking back.

The music video presented is very fitting to match those exact visuals. In the presentation the band members are seen jamming out in a hotel room, embarking on an escape to a place full of adventure and partying. Which also reflects on the crew’s own reality, which nods to their Gold Coast weekend road trips.

“The song is all about those endless nights out as a band” Explains Mouland. “We’ve had some crazy times and wanted the video to flow from that feeling, from the road trip, to heading out… and playing in the hotel room” Added Gravina.“We worked with a fantastic videographer, Clay Fisher, who usually shoots Penthouse and Honey Birdette. He helped us capture the party feels in the music video too, from the road trip down to the Coast, partying and playing up in the hotel room. Considering how noisy we were filming this clip in the hotel – the hotel was extremely gracious to us!”

Even though the band currently has a low viewing audience, it looks like 2018 is promising to help them grow a more extensive reach. For the boys, the pop-punk genre has always been their home for inspiration.

“We have always been pretty true to our music and our tastes. We were always pop/punk and will always be,” Said Gravina.“When the other bands moved from pop/punk to emo, we were doing pop/punk. Then the same bands did a screamo album; we were still doing pop/punk. It’s either admirable …or stupid. I tried playing in different bands with different styles, but pop punk was what felt like home,” states Mouland.

Down & Out’s single “Horizon” is currently available on iTunes and Spotify for those interested in taking a listen. Their EP is set to be released in a matter of days. Check out their music video with Thompson below.

Watch: Down & Out (feat. Nick Thompson)- “Horizon”


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