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Alicia Keys celebrates her birthday during Grammys week

Happy birthday indeed.

Being honored for your work is quite a way to spend a birthday.

Just ask Alicia Keys. The singer, who is working the Grammys weekend party circuit, was honored this week by the Recording Academy’s Producers & Engineers wing. Not only was she honored, but it was her 37th birthday as well!

And the cherry on top of this magnificent birthday cake? Her husband Swizz Beatz was also being honored the very same night! One can only imagine the celebrating going on in that family this week.

Of the week, Keys toldย AP News, “Iโ€™m like, OK, theyโ€™re going to set up the Grammys, kick it off with my birthday. My husband and I (are being) honored simultaneously in this most prestigious moment, and then weโ€™re going to just keep going from there and itโ€™s going to be a magnificent week. I do feel like this was made for me.”

Her husband, producer and performer Swizz Beatz, agrees that the dual honor is a blessing. It’s “a celebration of her life but also a celebration of our life as creatives.”

Keys has been an influential performer in the industry since her breakout hit “Fallin'” hit the airwaves in 2001. She’s had numerous number one hits over her thus far 17-year career, used her platform for philanthropic work, become an unofficial ambassador for the new standards of beauty and whipped a number of contestants into shape as a judge on NBC’sย The Voice.

Over time, she’s fueled many heartbreak filled away messages, Facebook statuses, and tweets as well as ones of female empowerment keeping her steadfast in the hearts of her legions of fans.

You can see Alicia Keys presenting this Sunday during the Grammy’s telecast 7:30 EST. This year’s awards will be hosted by late-night host James Corden and feature special performances only seen on that stage.

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