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Review: Tillie Unleashes Sassy New Track ‘Good Song’

New anti-pop artist, Tillie is breaking into the spotlight.

The Atlanta native moved to LA with the same motive as any other musician would; to build up a successful career. Known for her signature bubblegum pink hair and sassy-firecracker attitude, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Tillie’s potential could be put on a pedestal next to her biggest influences which include Gwen Stefani, Paramore, Shania Twain, Cyndi Lauper, and The Beatles. 

The spunky pop diva dove down the path of fame and fortune in 2015. She started off singing covers of old classic hits such as Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” on her YouTube channel. 

Original songs such as “Perfect Psycho” and “Not Gonna Cry” drove her first EP entitled Lost Boy.

However, 2017 was a game-changing year for her. Tillie’s more recent tracks “pink+blue” and “Save Yourself” grew her fanbase and showcased her musical growth.

Collectively, the singles represent “Girl Power” in various ways including within Tillie’s music videos. The visual representation of “pink+blue”, for example, takes place in a quiet cookie-cutter town. Though it’s painted as picture perfect situation, Tillie takes on the role of a housewife with a dangerous mind.

In the clip Tillie pleases the needs of her on and off screen husband, whom is bassist Matt Kean of Bring Me the Horizon

But it ends tragically, as she snaps and murders him. Not exactly the “Girl Power” motivation expected, but the story concludes in the video for “Save Yourself.” Ultimately, Tillie leaves the crime scene and escapes to a secluded hideaway where she unleashes her frustration for how badly her husband treated her.

After waiting around for six months, the singer finally teased a sneak peek into a new song. Tillie’s fans in which she refers to as her “Glitter Gang” were anxiously awaiting her return when she posted a pink boom box set ablaze via Instagram hinting towards a new track.

This morning, she released the new single called “Good Song” which also falls into the same category of girl empowerment. The track is very upbeat and devises a sound similar to familiar 80’s tunes. It’s very hip and fun which goes hand in hand with her sassy personality. According to Tillie, it’s the perfect song to send to your ex as a way of saying “screw you” and moving onward alone.

Another trademark of Tillie’s style is her passion towards vintage 80’s themed objects, which is noticeable in both her style and music art.

For the moment, she doesn’t have any tours set in motion. However, you can catch her at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles January 30. Tickets can be purchased here. Updates on the rising pop-star can be found on her official website

Stream: Tillie “Good Song”

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