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Fall Out Boy lands No. 1 album with ‘Mania’

Fall Out Boy is back and ready to take over the charts.

After having their 2015 effort American Dream/American Psycho skyrocket to number one, it should be no surprise that their latest album, Mania, is in the same place. It also follows in the footsteps of their other albums 2013’s Save Rock and Roll and 2007’s Infinity on High.

Mania takes the coveted spot away from The Greatest Showman soundtrack which has been dominating the charts since the film’s release in December. It’s a testament to their fanbase that the album was able to knock the musical from its spot.

However, it is interesting to see Mania in the number one spot. After releasing the first four singles, “Young and Menace,” “Champion,” “The Last of the Real Ones” and most recently “Hold Me Tight or Don’t,” the band faced heavy critical backlash for their lack of cohesive sound across the album. Many have agreed that the sound isn’t inherently what makes Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy and that they’re trying too hard to be something that they’re not.

It’s not just the critics, fans have also taken to Twitter to wonder what the band was thinking when creating this album. They say, like YouTuber Tony Fontano, that the band has pulled from too many influences causing the sounds to clash and sound like a sticky mess that is confusing rather than enjoyable to listen to. Instead of having harmony, it’s a cacophony of missed opportunities.

It begs the question: did they really need to push back the album’s release to retool the sound? Was the previous version more of a harking back to 2003 when they weren’t concerned about album sales and they realized they needed to be more in the now, so they went back and changed it? What was so vastly different about the previous version that they pushed the release back from September to January? Would it have made the record better to leave it as is?

Regardless of the reasoning, they still found a soft spot among fans and have landed back at the number one spot. All four singles have also debuted in the top 40 on both the Alternative and Pop songs charts.

Fall Out Boy are currently on tour in Europe and Asia before launching a colossal North American Mania tour, with a hometown date at the famed Wrigley Field, in the fall. Tickets for all shows can be found here.

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