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Why Lorde is skipping a performance at this year’s Grammy’s

Where in the world is Lorde?

The performer, who has graced the Grammy award stage in previous nominated years, is suspiciously missing from this year’s roster of live performances. She is, after all, nominated for Album of the Year with her smash sophomore album Melodrama. It would be an almost guarantee that she would perform.

So, where is she?

According to Variety, Lorde was only offered to perform as an ensemble in the tribute to Tom Petty singing “American Girl” rather than being given her own performance. The publication also goes on to point out that every other artist, all of whom are male, nominated in the Album of the Year category were offered their own solo performance.

Are the Grammys sexist? If this is any indication, most would agree. It seem preposterous that every male nominee is offered their own set time to showcase why they deserve the coveted gramophone trophy and Lorde should only be asked to participate in a tribute that doesn’t particularly make sense for her to be included in. Why offer the male artists and not the lone female artists? She’s already in the minority of the category, so why take it one step further and prove that performing is a boys club? It makes it twice as difficult for her to prove to those who are not yet a fan of hers why she deserves to be in that category.

Female artists have provided some of the best performances of the last decade on that famed stage, so for them to essentially state that she couldn’t hold an audience during a performance is absurd. If they weren’t going to offer her a solo spot, she should have been included in one of those “only seen on the Grammy’s stage!” lauded performances. It would have lessened the burn, but still wouldn’t have been right.

It makes sense that Lorde would skip out on the performance this year, if only to make a point in a post Harvey Weinstein entertainment industry that women are treated unfairly in their field. It’s unfortunate that the award show needs to come under fire for this, but without accountability for wrongdoing, there would be no progress.

Check out Lorde’s 2014 performance of “Royals” below.

Watch: Lorde “Royals” Grammy’s 2014

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