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If Nick Foles Beats Brady, Where Does He Go Next?

The Eagles have a few problems under the silver lining of this season. They’re in the Super Bowl (with Nick Foles, their backup quarterback), and saw an MVP performance this season from Carson Wentz (who’s out with a torn ACL). But one great problem, potentially, as they head into the offseason. They have an MVP-caliber quarterback and another guy who stepped out of his shadow to perform brilliantly on the biggest stage. The Eagles are underdogs going into next week, but if they pull off a win, this problem becomes legitimate.

Nick Foles has had an awkward couple of years. After being drafted by the Eagles and having a Pro-Bowl performance in 2013, he struggled in 2014 and was traded to St. Louis, where he also struggled and requested a trade after the Rams took Jared Goff in the NFL Draft. Last season, he backed up Alex Smith with the Chiefs and signed back with Philadelphia for the start of this season. In a matter of five years, Foles went from being talented young quarterback to a disrespected journeyman, and he’s looking to end that.

There is no chance Foles unseats Wentz as the Eagles’ starter for next year, so where would Foles fit in? He has shown that he struggles when he doesn’t have a strong option to throw to. He struggled in Philadelphia after DeSean Jackson was released, and didn’t have any major stars to play with in St. Louis or Kansas City. One option is Denver. The Broncos are still trying to find their man at quarterback after an experimental year with Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian. With a cheap contract and veteran experience, Foles could be a quality addition to a lineup featuring Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders along with quality prospect tight end and future top jersey seller Jake Butt.

The Browns are eternally in the market for a quarterback, just like your cousin is always in the market for work, and they both always make the worst choices. Trading up for Johnny Manziel is like signing up with HerbaLife, and they both turn out exactly the same. Somebody gets excited and drunk and everyone loses money. Cleveland has made it clear they’re looking to draft a quarterback, even though the right choice would be to trade that #1 overall pick for a proven quarterback, so they’re out of the question.

Another viable choice is the Arizona Cardinals. Foles played college football in Arizona, and Carson Palmer‘s retirement has opened up a spot with some quality pieces. While far from as desirable as Denver between its lack of winning culture and a new coach coming in. The New York Jets are as appealing as vacation property in Pyongyang, and most other teams have a plan in place. Foles can either stay where he is as a backup in Philly, or he can look to build and win in Denver. Or he can take up a different career, that’s an option nobody else brings up.

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