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All Time Low releases “Drugs & Candy” live video

All Time Low drops new video

All Time Low is giving us a behind the scenes look at the world of pop-punk.

Instead of going the traditional video route, the group instead released a live and behind the scenes video for their single “Drugs & Candy” off of their seventh studio album Last Young Renegade. As a band that relies heavily on touring, it seemed like the natural fit to entice fans who have yet to see them live with the experience.

The band spent most of 2017 touring their latest album and wanted to give fans a unique look at what goes on behind the scenes before the show starts after the lights come up, and everything else in between that happens on tour. It’s a way of saying, “See? We’re just a group of guys coming together to play our songs and give you a great night out.”

In discussion with Billboard, lead singer Alex Gaskarth says of choosing “Drugs & Candy” for their live video, It was a song that just raised its hand online. I saw kids tweeting about it, and hitting us up directly saying “this song more live, please.” So it actually became a pretty staple part of our set through 2017. It was a really energetic part of the show, so it seemed like a perfect way to get people hyped for the tour this year.”

It allows fans to see them as the human beings they are rather than otherworldly entities on stage every night. Though the live experience is essential to not only the group but the live video as well, it’s the behind the scenes shots that ground the group in reality. It also takes into consideration what the fans want to hear when they purchase their ticket. It allows them to leave the venue thinking, “I’m so glad I heard that song” instead of “Why didn’t they play that track that everyone loves so much?”

As Gaskarth stated in the interview, touring is a major part of their success. After touring around the world last year in support of the album, the band has decided to announce a second leg of the tour. It begins in Glasgow on March 12th and continues through May 6th in Atlanta, Georgia. Dates and tickets can be found here.

Listen: All Time Low Last Young Renegade

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