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Brooke Shields develops timeless fashion line with QVC

actress, model, to now, fashion designer

Photo: WWD

Photo: WWD

Brooke Shields is gathering years of experiences of working in the industry to create a collection of timeless apparel and accessories. The American actress and model is developing a fashion line with QVC, creating perfect fashion pieces for the modern-day woman.

The 80’s “It” girl should have an idea or two about feeling confident in a garment. Titling her line “Brooke Shields Timeless,” Shields is incorporating enduring trends into her pieces, making her collection distinctive. Her decades of modeling experience have provided Shields with great perspective on what garments would fit and most importantly, how they should fit.

“After years of being dressed by professionals, I walked into my closet one day and realized I had lost sight of my own personal style,” said Shields.

“I am incredibly passionate about this collection because I have created pieces that are not only chic, but that take the guesswork out of getting ready each morning. I can’t wait to share this line with the QVC customer, and I truly hope it helps women look and feel their best each day.”

The collection will consist of trendy pieces that won’t be difficult to mix and match. From classic button-ups to flirty skirts, Shields’ goal is to bring certain aesthetics to a woman’s closet. Shields has also designed tailored bottoms, colorful scarves, and fashionable jewelry that won’t make putting an outfit together so dreadful.  The 52-year-old is enthusiastic about the launch of her line as it will be pieces from her own perspective.

“People just wanted me to stick my face on their aesthetic. They wanted a name more than they wanted the history and the legacy of it,” she said.


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