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Logic Cons Non-Profit to film “Super Mario World” video?

Come off those coins

Grammy Nominee Logic had a  lot to say when he was on the stage at the Grammy’s about empowerment, but little did everyone know he had a skeleton of his own.

According to a  Carolina Salguero the owner of the non-profit organization Portside New York, that runs the Mary A. Whalen oil tanker, Logic shot his video on the ship without making a donation. In an interview with Indiewire, Salguero stated that when Def Jam artist  Logic and his cameraman came to shoot the video for “Super Mario World” in  2016, the rapper posed as a “student” who was shooting  “a summer-school project.”

The 28-yr-old rapper who looks younger than he really is, along with the camera crew stated that they were students from Glen Cove High School. There was even an email exchange between Salguero and the videographer, Justin Fleischer, that confirmed that the video was indeed for a high school project.

Salguero and her organization PortSide New York, have been restoring the ship for the local community in efforts to create awareness to the local community about the maritime history of the region which is outlined in this statement from the PortSide New York website.

“We are creating a maritime center that combines the working waterfront, public access and community development and displays a new model for urban waterways.
PortSide produces WaterStories programs in arts, education, preservation, resiliency, workforce and harbor advocacy on and off our flagship, the historic tanker MARY A. WHALEN.”

The organization teaches educational programs to the local youth about; “fuel consumption and energy sustainability issues, as well as coastal history, urban studies, marine science, ethnic studies, STEM programs of several types and maritime training” which is integral to building up awareness in the community.

When Salguero found out from a neighbor that the “Super Mario World” video was not, in fact, a summer school project, she contacted videographer Justin Fleischer and asked that there be a $5,000 donation to the organization and got this response from Logic’s manager Harrison Remler

“UMG Def Jam, Logic’s label handles all budgets for his video shoot and we can revisit a cost in the new year. Their offices are closed until early January. We are confident we can get some funds your way.”

Since then, Salguero has been ducked and dodged by Logic and his team for nearly a year which angered her so much she took to Twitter and tagged the rapper.

In a parting statement with Indiewire, Salguero said: “I just can’t shake — and I should, I know — how violated I continue to feel by this.” It is sad that an artist who is so vocal about social issues such as suicide prevention and immigration, which was highlighted in his performance at the Grammy’s Sunday night, would take advantage of such an organization. Since the story broke, Logic has not made a statement on the issue. But, if you watch to the end of the “Super Mario World” video, the person wearing the Super Mario costume asks Salguero clear as day to film for a “Summer School Project .”

Watch: Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez honors PortSide NewYork, MARY A. WHALEN, Carolina Salguero

For more information on PortSide New York visit

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