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Listen: Phuse and Jo-B Sebastian seamlessly unite EDM and soul

Shut It Down

Phuse and Jo-B Sebastian prove that experiments do work.

Phuse is an EDM producer who is used to throwing out rolling drums and cascading synths.

Jo-B Sebastian is a noted R&B singer/songwriter that specializes in bedroom lullabies.

The pair united to put together an EP that redefines the best of both worlds concept.

As showcased on the track “Bittersweet,” they work well together by blending their respective styles.

With a sticky hook that bounces between their respective fields, ” Bittersweet” is instantly memorable.

In a lot of similar situations, it’s easy to feel where one creative begins and another creative ends.  In short, this work is not a singer hopping on a few tracks that were lying around.

Those familiar with both will note that this is the sound of compromise at work.

Phuse pulls back from the frenetic nature of his usual fare while Jo-B dials down his the vocal acrobatics that he is certainly capable of.

The end result is fireworks that embrace the dancefloor, headphones and yes the bedroom.

The Brooklyn citizens are reminding the world that the Big Grams project will not be the last one to embrace musical diversity.

Stream: Phuse X  Jo-B Sebastian “Bittersweet”

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