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Donald Glover takes another ride as Childish Gambino on EP reissue

Step Back To Step Ahead

Childish Gambino reissues debut EP
Childish Gambino reissues debut EP

Donald Glover has put his Childish Gambino alter ego at the forefront for at least one more time.

At midnight on January 31st his reissued his debut mixtape EP.

This marks the first time that these songs have been available on streaming platforms. This could be a simple housekeeping move before he embarks on his journey with Sony BMG under his given name.

Cleaning out his closest in this case means showcasing the rapper’s first foray into the sonically textured and lyrically brutal fare that went on to define the LP Camp.

A consistent thread on EP is Glover’s penchant for dating women from a variety of backgrounds. Where some rappers would have come across as crass and vulgar, Glover pulled off the innuendo with a wink and a smile.

Those that are late to the Gambino party may do some head scratching. This is not the same artist that threw down an album full of nothing but grown folks business on Awaken, My Love!

EP  is the sound of a young man coming into his own that needs another outlet for his views on how he deals with members of his own race that don’t understand him or his need to color outside the lines.

A lot of his early work is a head on collision between Glover and those who don’t get him. It’s almost as if hip-hop was his weapon of choice if only because it was a platform that was universally understood.

And even all of that does not adequately describe the foundation that EP put down.

His chances may be paying off now, but there was a time not even a decade ago where plenty chuckled at the idea of that goofy kid from NBC’s Community picking up a microphone.

It all began here and it could be time to step back in time to appreciate just how far he’s come.

Stream: Childish Gambino EP

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