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Golden State Loses To the Utah Jazz By, Like, A Lot

So… I guess that just happened.

In what can only be compared to Belgium defeating the Lake Placid-era Soviet hockey team (the Jazz still aren’t quite Team USA status), the Utah Jazz defeated the Golden State Warriors 129-99 last night. Led by a double-double from point guard Ricky Rubio and donning their super fun and brightly colored red rocks jerseys (paying homage to the beautiful Southern Utah scenery), the Jazz outshot the Warriors, posting a team field goal percentage of 58.2 to Golden State’s 45.9. The Jazz also won the rebound game, forced 20 turnovers, and shot 50% from the three-point line.

“I saw one team get their (tail) kicked,” said Golden State head coach Steve Kerr. “Our hearts weren’t in it. At this level, if your heart’s not in it, I don’t care how much talent you have. You’re going to lose. … It happens. It’s the NBA. It’s a long season.”

Kerr is certainly right, the Warriors fell apart and were out of sorts, but credit must be given to the Jazz. It was a very complete and dominating performance from one of the more unnoticed franchises in the League. As much as the Warriors lost the game, the Jazz certainly won it.

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