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Kanye, Mos Def and Talib Kweli hint at collaboration

A Trio Of Masters

An Instagram post by Talib Kweli hints at a major collaboration.

In one of the most exciting Instagram posts of 2018, Talib Kweli released a photo of himself sitting at a table with Mos Def and Kanye West, two artists who are seemingly elusive these days. He captioned the photo “2018 is looking good…”

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2018 is looking good…

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The photo could mean any number of things. Rapper and writer is not the only credit to either of the other artists names. Although he released Radio Silence last year, it could simply mean that he is writing a new record and looking to his friends to help collaborate on songs or produce various tracks.

It could also be the other way around for the other artists. Most Def’s last album, December 99th, was released in 2016 and Kanye’s Famous, a controversial album that lead to the Kimye/Taylor Swift feud heard all around the world, was released in the same year.

Though, speculation could be warranted on a collaboration album. The three performers are each majorly talented in their own right, but haven’t released collaborations in some time. It would be smart for the trio to work on an album, or even an EP, together. West is aware of the success of a collaborative album having released and toured the Watch the Throne album with Jay-Z, arguably one of the best rap/hip-hop albums of the last decade.

Kweli and Def have also worked together on the album Black Star from 2002; a 13 track blend of their two styles that represents them both as individuals, but also as a cohesive duo. Working together would be easy and therefore successful.

None of the three artists have commented on the cryptic Instagram post likely in the event to create discussion before announcing what the project is. It’s a smart business strategy, a strategy that creates hype before an announcement. Fans will just have to eagerly refresh this feeds in the hopes of finding out the answers to what has 2018 looking so good.

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