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Lorde fans suing two New Zealanders over Tel Aviv concert

Sachs getting sued?

Lorde fans are not happy with two activists. 

Recently, it was announced that Lorde would be canceling her June 2018 show in Tel Aviv in protest against the apartheid happening in Israel. They believe that if artists from around the world do not make stops in Israel, it will be seen as an effective way of speaking out against the harsh government. Not performing there is a political statement in and of itself.

Page Six recaps one in the series of the tweeted out open letter, “A performance in Israel sends the wrong message,” they wrote to the singer-songwriter. “Playing in Tel Aviv will be seen as giving support to the policies of the Israeli government, even if you make no comment on the political situation.”

After learning of the implications of her performing in Israel and thanking the two girls for bringing it to her attention, Lorde made the decision to cancel her show, much to fans and critics dismay.

Amid all of the comments about her political stance on the matter, it seems that there is now even more of a ripple effect. Justine Sachs, one of the girls who originally called Lorde out on Twitter imploring her to make a better choice, tweeted out that she was being sued for aiding the singer in her decision.

While she may believe that the text is fraudulent, it may very well be true. It could be due to a controversial law that allows for civil suits against anyone that calls to boycott Israel. The law can allow courts to seek damages by a defendant.

The suit was created by three fans that are angry that Justine and her friend Nadia Abu-Shanab convinced Lorde not to come to Israel and perform. Their lawyers are claiming that the two Kiwis “..must be held to compensate Israeli citizens for the moral and emotional injury and the indignity caused by their discriminatory actions.”

Sachs later discovered that the lawsuit was real, seeing it as preposterous as she lives in New Zealand and was expressing her freedom of speech.

It’s interesting that Israeli government is capable of creating a lawsuit in another country and also in regards to something as silly as an artist choosing to cancel her show when she realizes the injustice of said government.

It was ultimately Lorde and her circle’s choice to cancel the show and although Sachs and Abu-Shanab were responsible for opening her eyes, it was not their decision to cancel the show and should therefore not be penalized in any way. They were fighting for what was right and wanted to help shape, in whatever small way they could, the future of the Israeli government. It takes a village to see change and they were just playing their part. It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out and what it will mean for future similar situations.

Lorde has yet to respond at this time.

Lorde will be on tour through June. Dates and tickets can be found here.

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