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Revlon’s new inclusive campaign stars global ambassadors

Inclusivity is IN


Photo from Allure

Revlon has launched a new inclusive campaign by the name of “Live Boldly,” featuring five multi-cultural global ambassadors.

With the help of Gal Gadot, Ashley Graham, Adwoa Aboah, Imaan Hammam, and Raquel Zimmermann the legendary label aims to “support and encourage women to pursue their own dreams with confidence, strength, optimism, passion, and style,” Anne Talley the Global Brand President told Refiniery29.

“Revlon puts such a strong, powerful group of girls together, the beautiful thing about it is that we’re all so diverse. We’re from different countries and have different views, but we’ve come together in this way that feels great. We’re like a sisterhood now,” Zimmerman added.

The women were elated to work together for a cause that’s so near-and-dear to their hearts: self-love and inclusivity.

“I used to look through magazines and I wanted what I was never able to have, I wanted long, blonde hair. I didn’t want freckles. I didn’t see someone who looked like me. Now, I hope that through this campaign — whether it’s Ashley, whether it’s Achok, whether it’s Gal, Raquel, or Imaan — that you’ll be able to relate to one of us. That you’ll see your beauty in one of us,” Aboah tells Refiniery29.

It’s encouraging to see large, well-known brands working towards a more inclusive approach to beauty by highlighting that it comes in numerous different forms- a truth that is emphasized with new faces that resemble women all around the world.

The brand sent a press release to Allure stating: “Revlon’s Live Boldly multi-media platform leverages social, digital, and in-person interactions to engage, support, and empower women through community building, catalytic experiences, and inspiring conversations.”

One brand can’t make all the difference, but it is a step in the right direction. Revlon hopes this campaign will inspire other brands, to include a more diverse group of women in their upcoming projects.

“Live Boldly” was officially launched on January 24th on all media outlets.

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Watch Live Boldly in action


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