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WATCH: Chvrches Cryptically Tease New Track “Get Out”

Returning In The Strangest Of Ways

The synth-pop band Chvrches really blew up, following the release of their second studio album, Every Open Eye, in 2015. It was also the last time that the band released any new music, leaving fans eager to hear what their next big single might sound like.

The Glasgow-based electronic trio consists of frontwoman Lauren Mayberry, guitarist Lain Cook, and keyboard player Martin Doherty, each of whom have been laying low for the past year as they prep for the release of their forthcoming album, still in the works. 

Fans took note when suddenly all three members of the band wiped their social media accounts clean. There are no traces of past Instagram pictures or tweets whatsoever… leaving many to speculate that something fresh is about to drop real soon.

And, as predicted, something did surface in a cryptic tweet posted by the band last night. Chvrches teased a snippet of their new track, “Get Out,” causing followers to go wild. The 23-second clip reveals what appears to be Mayberry drawing a smudgy lipstick stained heart in the mirror of a rundown gas station bathroom pit-stop. In the background, a synthetic wave of sound crashes in as she covers the heart with a giant “X.”

The mysterious tweet confused followers with its message, “Get In,” which led fans to speculate whether it might be part of the band’s marketing strategy in order to help draw attention to their grand re-entry. It was later revealed, using the music discovery app  Shazam that it was, in fact, the group’s upcoming single.

Yet, things were made stranger still, on Wednesday morning, when they posted another cryptic tweet, this time indicating that the group will make an unexpected appearance on BBC Radio 1 at 7:30 p.m. GMT (2:30 p.m. EST) today, to premiere the first single off their upcoming project.

On New Year’s Day, Doherty confirmed that the latest album is expected to be released sometime within the next year, following an interview with Mayberry who revealed the new album to be entitled Love Is Dead making “Get In” their first single to thrive the launch. The interview has been deleted without a trace since then. The full song is expected to be released next month February 2.

The trio will be working alongside Grammy-nominated producer Greg Kurstin who produced music for Adele, Taylor Swift, Sia, Halsey, P!nk and the Foo Fighters, pushing the group into a more “pop” route.

“He pushed what we were doing to be bigger in some ways, but he also pushed us to be weirder. He’d be like, ‘If the vocal melodies are as sweet and as precise as this, why don’t we make these other sounds so fucked up and gnarly and strange?’ I loved that,” Mayberry said about their upcoming collaboration with Kurstin.

Besides their upcoming third studio album, you can catch the synth-pop trio as they kick-off the summer with live performances at Primavera Sound 2018 and Hurricane Festival.

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