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DC Comics Solicitations March 2018

A list of upcoming titles from DC Comics from the months of March to June 2018.

DC Comics Solicitations March 


The next wave of monthly DC Comics is here in this list. The library grows through these titles of superpower action and drama. The DC Universe is ever expanding its roots to spread the art of storytelling through the eyes of masked villains and heroes.

Major Releases to look forward to further in the year are Action Comics #1000 and Dark Knights Metal #6. Action Comics and DC Comics celebrate the legacy of Superman in the upcoming comic by becoming the first title to ever reach one thousand issues. The Man of Steel has become the pinnacle of superheroes throughout history and the world to inspire hope, truth, and justice.

Dark Knights Metal follows the story of super powered evil versions of Batman as he brings havoc to the DC Universe. The sixth issue will serve as the epic conclusion to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s twisted arc for the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

  • THE HELLBLAZER VOL. 3: THE INSPIRATION GAME TP  Writers: Tim Seeley, Richard Kadrey       Artists: Jesus Merino, David Fabbri       Release: March 7
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VOL. 3: PANIC IN THE MIRCOVERSE TP Writers: Steve Orlando       Artists: Ivan Reis, Julio Ferreira, Felipe Watanabe       Release: March 7
  • SUPER SONS VOL. 2: PLANET OF THE CAPES TP Writers: Peter J. Tomasi     Artists: Jorge Jimenez, Carmine Di Giandomenico         Release: March 7
  • BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN HC      Writers: Ty Templeton       Artists: Rick Burchett       Release: March 7
  • BATMAN AND SUPERMAN IN WORLDS FINEST COMICS – THE SILVER AGE VOL. 2 TP         Writers: Edmond Hamilton, Dave Wood, Bill Finger   Artists: Dick Sprang       Release: March 7
  • BATMAN BY NEAL ADAMS BOOK ONE TP    Writers: Bob Haney,Frank Robbins, Dennis O’Neil     Artists: Neal Adams, Dick Giordano     Release: March 7
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: POWER AND GLORY TP Writers: Bryan Hitch     Artists: Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques, Andrew Currie   Release: March 7
  • Dark Nights: Metal #6       Writers: Scott Snyder       Artists: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion       Release: March 14
  • GREEN LANTERN: EARTH ONE VOL. 1 HC         Writers: Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko     Artists: Gabriel Hardman     Release: March 14
  • ALL-STAR BATMAN VOL. 2: ENDS OF THE EARTH TP Writers: Scott Snyder           Artists: Jock, Tula Lotay, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Francesco Francavilla             Release: March 14
  • ALL-STAR BATMAN VOL.3: THE FIRST ALLY HC Writers: Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael Scavone     Release: March 14
  • BATGIRL: STEPHANIE BROWN VOL. 2 TP Writers: Bryan Q. Miller       Artists: Pere Perez, Lee Garbett, Dustin Nguyen, Ramon Bachs       Release: March 14
  • DC COMICS: THE ART OF DARWYN COOKE TP Writers: Darwyn Cooke     Artists: Darwyn Cooke   Release: March 14
  • SCALPED BOOK TWO TP Writers: Jason Aaron   Artists:M. Guera, Davide Furno, John Paul Leon   Release: March 14
  • THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON: THE DELUXE EDITION HC   Writers: Tom King     Artists: Mitch Gerads   Release: March 14
  • THE FLASH VOL. 5: NEGATIVE TP      Writers: Joshua Williamson         Artists: Carmine Di Giandomenico, Pop Mhan, Neil Googe, Gus Vazquez, Christian Duce     Release: March 21
  • AQUAMAN: THE LEGEND OF AQUAMAN TP             Writers: Keith Giffen, Robert Loren Fleming     Artists: Curt Swan, AL Vey Release: March 21
  • BATMAN: NEW GOTHAM VOL. 2 TP Writers: Greg Rucka   Artists: Shawn Martinbrough, Koi Turnbull, Rick Burchett     Release: March 21
  • BATMAN: TALES OF THE MAN-BAT TP Writers: Chuck Dixon, Bruce Jones   Artists: Flint Henry, Eduardo Barret, Mike Huddleston   Release: March 21
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE TASK FORCE VOL. 1: PURIFICATION PLAGUE TP Writers: David Michelinie, Chuck Dixon, Dennis O’Neil, Peter David, Jeph Loeb, Michael Jan Friedman     Artists: Sal Velluto, Gabriel Morrissette, Greg Laroque       Release: March 21
  • PLANETARY BOOK TWO TP Writers: Warren Ellis   Artists: John Cassaday, Jerry Ordway     Release: March 21
  • WONDER WOMAN: FORGOTTEN LEGENDS TP      Writers: Trina Robbins, Kurt Busiek, Lee Marrs     Artists: Trina Robbins, Irv Novick, Rick Magyar   Release: March 21
  • BATGIRL VOL. 3: SUMMER OF LIES TP Writers: Hope Larson     Artists: Chris Wildgoose, Eleanora Carlini, Inaki Miranda         Release: March 28
  • GREEN LANTERNS VOL. 5: OUT OF TIME TP        Writers: Sam Humphries       Artists: Ronan Cliquet, Eduardo Pansica, Carlo Barberi, Scott Godlewski     Release: March 28
  • BATMAN ’66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN ’77 TP Writers: Jeff Parker, Marc Andreyko     Artists: David Hahn, Karl Kesel     Release: March 28
  • BATMAN NOIR: THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN HC Writers: Frank Miller   Artists: Frank Miller   Release: March 28
  • BATMAN: GOTHIC TP NEW EDITION Writers: Grant Morrison   Artists: Klaus Janson     Release: March 28
  • DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS VOL. 6: WAR STORIES TP        Writers: Marguerite Bennett       Artists: ANEKE, Carmen Carnero, Richard Ortiz, Mirka Andolfo, Laura Braga       Release: March 28
  • THE HAWK AND THE DOVE: THE SILVER AGE TP Writers: Steve Skeates, Gil Kane, Neal Adams     Artists: Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, Neal Adams   Release: March 28
  • ACTION COMICS #1000: 80 YEARS OF SUPERMAN HC   Wrtiers: Various   Artists: Various     Release: April 11
  • DARK DAYS: THE ROAD TO METAL HC         Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley      Artists: Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, John Romita Jr. Scott Williams, Klaus Janson, Danny Miki, Javier Fernandez       Release: May 16
  • WONDER WOMAN BY GEORGE PEREZ OMNIBUS VOL. 3 HC       Writers: George Perez, Mindy Newell     Artists: Jill Thompson, Cynthia Martin, Colleen Doran, Phil Jimenez         Release: June 6
  • THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: THE SILVER AGE OMNIBUS VOL. 2 HC Writers: Jerry Siegel, Edmond Hamilton, Jim Shooter   Artists: Jim Mooney, John Forte, Curt Swan     Release: June 20
  • EX MACHINA: THE COMPLETE SERIES OMNIBUS HC Writers: Brian K. Vaughan     Artists: Tony Harris, Tom Feister, Jim Clark, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, John Paul Leon, Jim Lee         Release: June 27

Be the first to pick up these titles as they bring more depth to classic characters while bringing a foundation to new heroes and villains. The comic book community and fans across the nation will be excited for these new editions to expand their own knowledge of the iconic heroes of old and new.

The following years and months show promise, as the next age of sequential art and storytelling shall shape the course of the genre now until the next dawn of superpower justice, betrayal, sacrifice, elevation, and humanity of the men and women behind the cape and cowl.




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