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Megadeth premieres dystopian futuristic video for ‘Lying in State’

How will history portray us?

Thrash metal kings Megadeth are absolutely no stranger when it comes to covering politics in their music and videos. In fact, it has been one of the main topics of their song writing since the very beginning. Their latest music video for the song “Lying in State” from their most recent album Dystopia is certainly no exception to this in the slightest.

The video manages to blend the ideas and imagery behind what many people believe a dystopian future would look like in sci-fi along with dark magical Gothic imagery to make something that is dismal, dreary, and at the same time bone shakingly frightening to the imagination.

The idea of such a future coming to pass is the stuff of nightmares.

“Lying in State” portrays the band’s mascot Vic Rattlehead as a robotic katana wielding police officer (as outlandish as that may sound) being activated to pursue the dark forces that are harming and enslaving mankind while the band itself performs next to burning trash cans in a ruined tomb.

The climax shows Vic nodding to band front man Dave Mustaine and then taking his sword to the goth-clad witch and her underlings to free those that are shackled by her.

Not too difficult to see what kind of double meanings are going on here.

What makes this video delightful and nostalgic for long time Megadeth fans is all of the Easter eggs that call back to classic Megadeth songs and albums. There are nods to Rust in Peace, a flicker of Peace Sells, and so much more.

It’s worth watching over and over again just to see how many references can be found.

Dystopia is Megadeth’s 15th studio album and came out Jan 22, 2016 and managed to win Best Metal Performance at the 59th annual Grammy Awards.

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