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Tom Brady shows love to K.Dot

NFL star could be missing the point of Lamar’s music

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, also known as the only football player to ever win five super bowls while playing for the same team, is apparently a fan of Kendrick Lamar.

Yesterday, he was asked by a miss Natalie Weiner of Bleacher Report to confirm that he was a fan, and if so, to name some of his favorite songs by the Compton rapper.

Brady responded by saying how he enjoyed his last album, the Grammy-winning DAMN, and that he looks forward to the new work Lamar will be releasing for Marvel’s Black Panther film.

Brady’s friendship and support for Donald J Trump in the past have become rather well known. The two have known each other for upwards of 15 years, according to USA Today. Prior to the election, Brady had described Trump’s accomplishments as “amazing”, and supported the idea of his being elected to office. He has since, however, retracted some of the praise he had once openly expressed for Trump.

K. Dot hasn’t been the most vocal of rappers about Trump’s presidency, or at least not as vocal as his fellow Compton rapper YG for example, with his track FTD (Fuck Donald Trump). However, Lamar has let us know how he feels about 45 on few occasions.

In The Heart Part 4, Lamar’s lyrics state “Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel punk?” He also shows disdain for Trump in songs like Black Friday with J. Cole and Wat’s Wrong with Isaiah Rashad.  Lamar also told i-D that Trump’s presidency and decisions “disregard our moral compass” as a country.

Since the beginning of Trump’s appearance in politics, many Trump supporters have become isolated from their more liberal counterparts, as some may find these differences in political stance impossible to reconcile.

Although Brady no longer publically endorses Trump, it’s unclear what their relationship is now. It seems as though Brady is at an impasse with taking a stand (or a knee, rather) for what is right like fellow NFL athletes or maintaining relations with a former friend, who happens to be the president of the United States.

However, it is difficult for hip-hop fans to piece together being friends with somebody like Trump, but still enjoying the political art of Lamar whilst fully grasping it at the same time. It is too taboo to ever work. Hip-hop was created as a cry of struggle and oppression, an oppression that Trump’s agenda only serves to heighten.

It seems as though while Tom Brady may like Kendrick Lamar, his music, and his image, it’s quite possible that Brady might be missing the depth of K. Dot’s music entirely.

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