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Original Misfits line-up to play first show in New Jersey in over 35 years

The original Misfits are coming home.

Misfits posterFrom 1977 until 1983 an unusual horror themed punk band from Lodi, NJ named The Misfits traveled across the US putting out some of the most dark, evil, and iconic music to ever come from the genre. In fact, they practically invented the genre. When they finally called it quits though, they faded into obscurity for over a decade while vocalist Glenn Danzig went on to start a solo career as a heavy metal singer.

Despite the band reuniting in various incarnations without Danzig fronting any of them over the past couple of decades due to him refusing to rejoin, the original band is reuniting once again to play their first show in about 35 years in their home state of New Jersey.

The momentous show is set to take place at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on May 19.

The news broke when on Jan 29 the band announced via social media with a poster for the show with the caption:

Finally…the triumphant return to where it all began!!! The Original Misfits return to NJ for only area performance Sat. May 19 @PruCenter Newark, NJ. Details at

The band will for sure feature singer Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only (the two only consistent members of the band in their original run). It is unclear who will be playing guitar and drums. During the last few times the band reunited at Riot Fest in Chicago in 2016 (their first show in their original line-up since 1983) as well as a couple of shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles in late 2017 long time guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein took his post back and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo took over skins duty.

Opening for The Misfits will be Suicidal Tendencies as well as Murphy’s Law.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow.

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