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Review: Dan Auerbach premieres trippy video ‘Up on a Mountain of Love’

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Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach has been fully enjoying his break from being a rock star in one of the biggest bands in the world right now with a nice relaxing solo career. June 2 of last he put out his second solo album Waiting on a Song to relatively high acclaim.

Auerbach has now come back though with a vibrant new music video for an Amazon exclusive single called “Up on a Mountain of Love”.

The somewhat trippy and resplendent video depicts a city dwelling couple who are overwhelmed and jaded with all of the noise and problems around them being pulled into a painting on their wall of happy anthropomorphic animals playing instruments, dancing, and making a parade while celebrating love in a forest.

Over the course the couple find one another again after being separated and manage to find joy and love in the world and each other again despite all the problems outside.

The song has almost a Grateful Dead kind of vibe to it. It has that country-like twang while still managing to not sound overly so. It has a slow to moderate tempo back groove that makes anyone want to just close their eyes, sway, and sing along around a campfire.

One of the things this video shares an immense amount of similarities to is a music video that most people in today’s generation will not know from all the way back in 1974 by Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover and then unknown singer Ronnie James Dio for a song called “Love is All”.

That video also depicts joyful colorful anthropomorphic animals in a forest playing instruments and forming a parade through the trees while a song about love is playing over it in a similarly charming fashion.

There is no word on when or if The Black Keys will regroup at press time.

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