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Wakanda and Atlantis Clash in Rise of the Black Panther

A Royal Conflict

Marvel Comics is excited to visit the African nation the of Wakanda in RISE OF THE BLACK PANTHER storyline. The second issue to arrive is RISE OF THE BLACK PANTHER #2, which comes out this year February 7, 2018.

Writers Ta-Nehisi Coates, Evan Narcisse and artist Paul Renaud display promising potential as they shape the life of one of Marvel’s greatest characters.

The series will focus on the early life of T’Challa as he recently takes on the Black Panther mantle. He is a young king who is out to prove to himself and his people he is worthy of the crown and power.

Narcisse tells Marvel the importance of the next chapter for T’Challa has he takes the mantle of Black Panther.

“In issue #2, T’Challa unearths a cover-up that happened during the reign of his uncle, S’yan. S’yan was the person who became the Black Panther after T’Chaka got killed, so he ruled as regent while T’Challa was growing up. We see T’Challa basically find out about a mysterious occurrence during S’yan’s reign that he now has to figure out how to resolve. In doing so, he comes into conflict with [Namor], the Sub-Mariner. Namor is on the African continent because he’s on the trail of some traitors who have been working with people on the African continent. “

T’Challa has numerous obstacles to face as his duties of warrior and king collide. He must work with a neighboring hierarchy of Atlantis that does not share the same notions of patience. The conflict can cause an international incident between both nations of Wakanda and Atlantis. The Earth would not survive the vast depths of the planet’s waters under Namor’s control.

The two perspectives between T’Challa and Namor will bring new understanding to the throne each one possesses. The story does not serve as just an action spectacle but a diplomatic solution within superhero politics. Therefore, the comic will be setting a high standard exploring a new style narrative inside the super power community.

Narcisse continues to tell Marvel what to expect in the main antagonist deceiving both nations against each other.

“But the main villain in the issue, and I don’t want to give it away, is a very particular, deep-cut character created by Roy Thomas who happens to align perfectly with some of Wakanda’s historical enemies. And that’s all I feel comfortable saying right now.”

Prepare for the might of two kings come February 7, 2018. What lies ahead for the Panther and Sub-Mariner has yet to be revealed. The strength of dual hierarchies will shape the planet for better or for worse.

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