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Interview: The Bloom Twins

Twin musicians take on modeling

Anna and Sonia Bloom, better known as the Bloom Twins, are Ukranian-born pop music sensations who have now taken the plunge into fashion and modeling. The 22-year-old girls released their first track called “Fahrenheit” in 2013. Since then, their unique voices and style have gained them massive popularity in the U.K.

I interviewed the Bloom Twins to discuss the journey of their careers as well as their passion for style.

Photo from Glass Magazine

Photo from Glass Magazine

Salute: How was the transition of implementing fashion into your careers, in addition to music?

Anna: I think fashion and music are really connected. Whenever you go on stage you always wear clothes you love, you put your makeup on, and then you do your hair style. Five years ago when we moved here we went to a modeling agency and it was really great practice. So, now we love fashion and I think the two go really well together.

Salute: How old were you when you first felt you had a passion for fashion and style?

Sonia: I think it was at 12 years old. I needed to express myself by wearing something really weird and everyday when I would go to school people would say, “What are you wearing?” But I thought it was cool. Then when I moved [to London] I became more educated on fashion and started to read books about it.

Salute: You describe your music as “dark pop.” Why that term?

Sonia: It’s a music combo of black and white, fashion and music, electric dark sounds and pop. My sister and I are black and white.

Anna: If you check our sound, our songs, and how we build them all it’s also about how we have electronic bass sounds because we’re really into electronic stuff as well.

Salute: Would you describe your style as “dark pop” as well?

Anna: Yes! We like stuff that’s really striking and dark, but at the same time pop because everyone loves pop right?

Sonia: We also love dark makeup; it’s really cool. But also a bob hairstyle is very slick. I love a lot of designers. I love Vivian Westwood and her story. She’s incredible because she does something that no one else does and it’s a little too much sometimes but that’s what fashion to me is. It’s not just about clothes, it’s an expression of art.

Salute: From a creative perspective, how is working in fashion different than working in music ?

Anna: For many models when you go on set they give you something to work with but it’s not necessarily all about “you, you, you.”

Sonia: For me, fashion is trying different identities on yourself and with music you already found yourself.

Salute: As twins, how does your style differ from one another?

Sonia: When my sister was 13 she wanted to wear only black stuff: black t-shirt, black trousers, black purses. And I tried it as well but I got bored. So, I was wearing everything super bright and opposite from her. It’s all dark pop.

Anna: You’re mixing something funky with something dark.

Salute: As twins, was it difficult to find your own individual style growing up?

Sonia: As twins you always compete with one another so maybe that’s why we always wanted to wear different stuff from one another. You see each other get dressed everyday so you say, “Oh I like I her outfit better. Oh I like how she put her hair up,” so it’s quite cool.

Salute: What is your favorite wardrobe staple?

Anna: White shirts. You can wear them everyday and they’re always classic and casual. I love it. I’m a white shirt girl.

Salute: What’s next for the Bloom Twins?

Sonia: We’re releasing our next single on February 16th so everybody stay tuned. We have a couple of gigs as well. One is also on February 16th in London and we are planning to release our EP the month after so we’re super excited about that.

Both sisters are alike in obvious ways, but also depict their own unique personalities and opinions. The Bloom Twins certainly have a bright future ahead of them as they continue to pursue their music and modeling careers.

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