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Paramore premieres 80’s morning news themed video ‘Rose-Colored Boy’

Rise and shine…

Paramore are back with yet another eye catching nostalgic video from their most recent critically acclaimed album After Laughter – “Rose-Colored Boy”.

The “Rose-Colored Boy” video is a HUGE trip back in time for anyone who remembers the 80’s. It is set up to look exactly like the set of a morning news show and talk show from that era.

When it comes to looking like the 80’s, everything in the video is spot on. It looks exactly the way the news did back then, from the lighting, the costumes, make-up, set designs, colors, and even that low-res grainy quality that TV broadcasts had.

The song of course matches the video perfectly, because it could easily be mistaken for a chart topping pop song from that decade. It has that bright, upbeat, dated dance music vibe to it.

Not everything is as it seems however, because when it cuts to the scenes that are modern shot and the band is off camera not doing the morning news they are shouting, unhappy, and feeling lost – especially lead singer Hayley Williams.

Later in the video Hayley is confronted by the ghost of her childhood self who wanted to be a real reporter and not some talk show fluff anchor.

This leads to Hayley and the band slinging on their instruments and completely wrecking the place up in the most explosive and rock n’ roll way possible.

This is definitely not the down and dirty, hard rocking Paramore that most millennials are familiar with, but maybe that is for the best. It would get boring if they stayed the same and recycled their old sound for each new album over and over again forever.

Paramore are currently on tour in the eastern hemisphere. Tickets can be purchased here.

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