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Travis Scott gets off scott free from riot inciting charges

Travis Scott is having a fantastic week.

Houston born rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer Travis Scott has just had the greatest stroke of luck he could have possibly hoped for given his current legal situation. He just managed to get off scott free in court (aside from a few minor fines) for a riot he was charged with having incited among other charges.

The charges were filed against Scott back in May of last year when he was arrested in Arkansas for  having “encouraged people to rush the stage at his show,” according to the statement issued by the police.

The following offenses Scott was charged with include: inciting a riot, endangering the welfare of a minor, as well as disorderly conduct.

According to the report several concert goers received varying degrees of bodily injury from this incident.

Scott was essentially given just a small slap on the wrist for the incident when after making a deal with the authorities associated with the case he pleaded guilty to the more minor disorderly conduct charge.

When Scott made the guilty plea, the other two far more serious charges that had been filed against him (endangering the welfare of a minor and inciting a riot) were subsequently dropped.

However, while this is most certainly a cause for him to smile and celebrate, Scott is not out of the woods just yet in the department of legal woes.

At press time there is still a lawsuit pending against Scott from a fan who claims to have become paralyzed at one of Scott’s other shows.

In other good news for Scott, he just welcomed his first child, a daughter into the world with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner on Feb 1 after having the both of them having kept the entire pregnancy a secret to maintain privacy.

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