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Kira Kira teams up with Swarovski for Fashion Week

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The Kira Kira+ app has taken Instagram by storm. In case you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of Kira Kira+, it’s the app responsible for the glittering filters applied to jewelry and other sparkly items.

Swarovski has teamed up with Kira Kira+ to create a special “brilliant” filter to use throughout fashion week. This filter will make all of your bougie items look even more smooth and radiant. This might just be the definition of “extra” but there’s no denying it’s a Fashion Week necessity and the perfect way to bring your Instagram page to the next level.

Kentaro Yama, the app’s founder and developer, spoke out on the collaboration saying,

“I am very excited to be partnering with Swarovski for the first time on KiraKira. Kirakira means ‘sparkly’ in Japanese, so I think it is only fitting to have Swarovski, which is known for its everyday sparkle, create a special filter for everyone to shine during the busiest time of the year at international fashion shows.”

Swarovski asks users to utilize the hashtag #BrillianceForAll.  Those who already have the KiraKira+ app downloaded on their smart phones will get the new filter automatically by updating their current version. You can download the app free today only from the Apple Store.

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