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Review: Noah Cyrus drops lyric video for new single ‘We Are…’ feat. MØ

What are we?

In the world of former Disney stars turning into adults who are none too shy about displaying their darker side, Noah Cyrus is certainly no exception. She lets her true thoughts on the youth culture of today become blatantly obvious in the lyric video for her debut album NC-17‘s new single “We Are…”, which features a guest spot from MØ.

When initially pushing play, it is pretty easy to mistake the song for just another shallow, empty, meaningless bit of pop fluff with all the talk of squads, shopping, the weekend, etc all while set to a catchy pop tune.

However, as the song keeps progressing it gets gradually a bit more introspective and implying there is more to it than the initial impression.

All notions of that are immediately confirmed however when the chorus explodes through the speakers with the shocking hook:

WE. ARE. F***ED!

Once the jaws are all picked back up off the floor, the lyric does sum up the message of the song, being that so many young people live in a bubble, a fantasy world where everything is just shopping, hanging out with friends, having a good time, going to work, and other things that distract from the real current state of reality.

The video shows both Cyrus and MØ both in different windows in black and white (which alternate in primary focus) while singing along to the camera. The lyrics show up in different ways on the screen as one line flows into the next.

It is a rather simplistic video, but it is effective for getting the message across and could just be considered the actual music video rather than just a lyric video.

NC-17 at press time has no definite release date, though it has been rumored to be out some time in 2018 after countless delays throughout last year.

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