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Review: The Suzan drop visually vibrant and bizarre video ‘Desire’

What just happened?

The music video is a very diverse and eclectic art form. Some times they are just of the band/artist playing and singing, some times they are a bit more like a short narrative.

Some times however, they can be absolute bat s*** insane and leave you wondering, “WTF did I just watch?”

In the new video for “Desire” by J-pop trio The Suzan, they manage to achieve this particular brand of dumbfounding and then some.

The video features a constant moving collage of things like shirtless fat guys just sitting there eating doughnuts, a guy undoing his pants at a hole in a concrete wall, people randomly smiling and giving the thumbs up, people giving themselves eye drops with weird funnel glasses, odd yoga sessions, etc.

Those are just some of the more tame things. The rest is just….inexplicable. It really is one of those videos that has to be seen to be believed and even remotely understood.

The only person who can even remotely shed any light on the unusual nature of this video is director Yu Nakajima, who said:

“The title of the song ‘Desire’, and the way the track and lyrics repeat in a mystical way soon inspired me to make a collage-type video. From there I just carried on filming through that inspiration.I started developing my ideas from a book in the 90s about bizarre Japanese inventions, as I thought it fully demonstrated human desire.

I followed the title “Desire” and planned on filming a lot of human-desire-themed shots while 10% of it would be improvised.  However, we started enjoying it so much on the set, that over 30% of the video ended up being improvised. (haha) THE SUZAN trusted me and gave me freedom so that our crew could enjoy filming on the set, and as a result, I believe we were able to embody the feeling you get from the song that excites people’s childish curiosities.”

The Suzan’s new EP Konichiwa is now available and can be streamed here.

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