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RHYE drops video for “Count to Five”

RHYE release new video

RHYE has dropped their first sophomore album single.

The R&B side project of Canada-based singer Milosh, RHYE is back with new track “Count to Five.”

The video, which was directed by Milosh himself, was shot in six different locations around the world, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Ghana, Joshua Tree National Park, and Los Angeles, and features an array of dancers moving along to the song. This is an homage to the deluge of videos posted across the Internet in response to one of the project’s previous singles “Taste.”

What’s interesting is that Milosh utilized the popularity of the dance response videos and used Instagram to cast the dancers featured in the video as well as recruited local filmmakers to help create the individual shots that are so visually stunning and personal. It celebrates the diversity around the globe, but also the connectivity, the universal language that all human beings share through music and movement.

“Count to Five” is the first single off of RHYE’s sophomore album BLOOD. It follows the project’s first album Woman released in 2013. Many outlets have praised the work of this album saying that it’s sexy, but not overtly so, that it’s sensuous music that makes you want to fall in love. With critiques like that, it’s hard not to want to make RHYE the soundtrack for anyone’s Valentine’s Day this year.

It’s been said that the other founding member, the Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal, is no longer part of the group as of 2017, so the work may still be partially his.

However, the project prides itself on its ever-evolving live show. RHYE begins their new tour February 22nd in Miami, Florida. Dates and tickets can be found here.

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