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Belly to make a comeback with their latest album ‘Dove’

First album in 23 years

The dream pop four-piece Belly are rising back up from the 90’s with a new album in the works, Dove, available May 4th.

The Rhode Island-based band formed by former Breeders vocalist Tanya Donelly started a frenzy in the early and mid-1990’s with their rock and roll-oriented attitude. Their debut album, Star, had the perfect blend of that dreamy essence turned grim, creepy, that transitions into what they describe as “jaggedly delicate and melodically.”

According to the leading lady, her vision for the quartet was to pursue music that paints a demolished fairytale world. On the flip-side, things weren’t all bubblegum pop but tinged with a bit of alternative rock as well. Their first hit single, entitled “Feed the Tree” earned the crew a ticket to success, netting them two Grammy nominations and the No.2 spot on the UK Albums chart. In addition, they also managed to sell two millions copies of the album worldwide, a triumph victory for a rising band indeed.

Belly then went on a string of tours even scoring gigs alongside The Cranberries and RadioheadEventually, they started launching even more new content that grew their fan base. Going down a path in the right direction, one must wonder why they plummeted off the face of the earth for more than a decade.

The first reason is one that many bands face… a tragic breakup. However, Donelly went on to pursue a relevant solo career, up until the band made a sudden comeback announcement on their official website in 2016. It was revealed that the crew would reunite for an abundance of shows. The outcome was massive, sold-out completely.

Belly announced online, last year, that they were going to return to the studio to work on their first album in 23 years. In order to put the album together, the band partnered up with Pledge Music to give fans an opportunity to participate while also donating a portion of the profits to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Now that it’s 2018, it appears as though Belly is back with vengeance. The album looks like a promising one worth the listen.

Listen to Belly’s Debut Album (1993) Star:

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