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Maroon 5 release new music video, “Wait,” about Alcoholism

New music video “Wait”

Maroon 5 has just released a new video for the chart-topping track “Wait,” from their sixth studio album, Red Pill Blues. As usual, they’re on a roll. The song was released only weeks after the hit single “What Lovers Do,”  a collaboration with one of Top Dog Entertainment’s hottest commodities and R&B’s favorite contemporary songstress, Solana Imani Rowe, better known as SZA.

The music video for “Wait” was directed by Grammy-winning director Dave Meyers. Meyers is known for his exceptionally good use of color, imagination, extravagance, and delivering videos very true to the artists he’s working with.

Meyers has also directed music videos for “WTF (Where They From)” by Missy Elliot, “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar, “All the Stars” from the Black Panther soundtrack, “Where Have You Been” by Rihannaand many more.

The video takes place in an imaginative world, not unlike the way Maroon 5 often decides to interpret their songs. Adam Levine is trying to win back his lover, a blue-eyed brunette babe that seems to want nothing to do with him in this clip. Several shots take place from the perspective of behind Levine’s eyes, while they are blinking open as if waking from sleep.

Levine sings, “Wasn’t tryna get wasted/ I needed more than three or four to say this.” Perhaps when he blinks his eyes open he is waking from an intoxicated sleep.

In several scenes, his lover, or other women are aggressively pouring alcohol on him. It seems as though this video may be insinuating a problem with alcoholism, and that it’s causing this man (portrayed by Levine) to lose the woman he loves.

After all, the video does start with a scene of Levine in a casket at his funeral. It’s possible Maroon 5 is trying to make a comment on alcoholism with this video, and that love and life will not “Wait” for alcoholism.

The clip ends with his lover driving away with thread attached to her car, thread that unravels Levine and his life the further she gets.

If this was the intended message for the track and accompanying imagery, applause goes out to Maroon 5 for this powerful message reminding viewers the detrimental and life-altering effects of alcohol abuse. Maroon 5 has also announced their Red Pill Blues tour, starting May 30th. For tickets and more information, click here.


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