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Review: MGMT premiere video ‘Me and Michael’

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The internet has brought billions of people together over the past couple of decades, giving artists a brand new way to connect to people and grow their fan base. Unfortunately, however, that also makes it a great deal easier for someone to steal someone else’s hard work, claim it as their own, and profit from it. Such is the topic of the latest MGMT video “Me and Michael” from their upcoming fourth record Little Dark Age.

The video starts with MGMT being turned on to a song on the internet from a band in the Philippines that they then decide to steal because they figure no one will ever find out.

Sure enough, the song goes through the corporate pipeline (quite literally in this case) and thus becomes a number one hit song for the band.

When the song blows up on the charts, MGMT enjoys all the benefits of such an accomplishment, such as riches, interviews with faceless talk show hosts, parties, women, and more.

It is not long however until the internet as they always do sooner or later figures out that the song was stolen, turns on the band, and runs them back down to rags (even worse off than where they were before). They don’t even have TP in their apartment.

MGMT then decides to bury their phone in the dirt and send a message in a bottle to the Philippines apologizing to the band they stole from. They are then forgiven and the band stolen from says the song belongs to no one.

The most peculiar aspect of this video more than any of the other bizarre visuals is the consistent theme of smartphones being a big hunk of raw beef. Talk about absurd.

Little Dark Age is due for release tomorrow.

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