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Recap: Altered Carbon Episode Three

In A Lonely Place

Altered Carbon Episode Three Recap: In A Lonely Place

Episode three begins with Kovacs having to deal with the possible repercussions of his tryst with Miriam Bancroft. When the A.I. hotelier of the Raven, Poe, informs Kovacs his security had compromised the previous night, a sense of dread arose in Kovacs that was followed by a too conveniently timed call from Laurens Bancroft.

Bancroft invites Kovacs to an extravagant banquet at his luxurious home. What better way to aide Kovacs in his investigation than put every possible Meth suspect who might have a reason to kill Bancroft in the same room. Also, what better way for Bancroft to keep an eye on Kovacs around his wife.


Elsewhere, Oumou Prescott pays a visit to the police precinct to visit Lt. Ortega. When Prescott forcefully insists Oretga attend the Bancroft banquet, Captain Tanaka concurs. Kovacs seeks out Vernon once again and this time offers him a deal. Kovacs will help him investigate what happened to Lizzie if he agrees to be his back up and banquet. The two go to the Raven hotel where Poe is able to assist in helping with Lizzie. He is able to perform a form of virtual reality therapeutic therapy. Poe helps Vernon see Lizzie, but she is short on words and unresponsive. Poe assures her that she is under his protection, no matter what.


When Kovacs arrives at the banquet, he has Vernon undercover as a server. Kovacs sticks out in a sea of filthy rich meths like a sore thumb. The equally uncomfortable Lt. Ortega sulks into Kovacs sights. When Kovacs confides in her about his hotel room being bugged, they have a moment of shared concern.

Despite the two still not fully trusting each other. Bancroft slithers his way to Kovacs. The two survey the room before Bancroft persuades Kovacs to slyly probe the guests over casual conversations. Kovacs encounters two of Bancroft’s 21  spoiled, dependent children. One a belligerent drunk son and the other a promiscuous daughter who likes to seduce men in her mother’s high priced cloned body. The two confide in Kovacs explaining their father doesn’t allow them to grow up but instead be dependent on him so he can control them.

During a presentation of relics from the past, Bancroft presents Kovacs to the guests as his property and as the last remaining Envoy. A power move on Bancroft part. One. to show his dominance and Two. to prove a point to Kovacs. He smugly tells Kovacs, “You are the purchaser or the purchased.”


Bancroft leads his guests to an arena where the party will cheer on a battle to the death between a formidable married couple in Zero G. the winner would receive an upgraded sleeve fully paid.

The fight is one-sided, and as the bloodthirsty crowd cheers on the brutal beating, Kovacs intervenes to stop it. This stirs Bancroft to propose to the married couple if they defeat the Envoy he would upgrade both of their sleeves.

Lt. Ortega tries futilely to stop the fight however Bancroft informs her she doesn’t have any power here. With the party distracted by the tussle, Vernon knocks out a guard and hacks into Bancroft’s files in home’s control room. Vernon steals the data hoping to find anything that will help him discover what happened to his daughter Lizzie.

Taking matters into her own hand, Lt.Ortega shoots a hole into the Zero-G arena ending the two on one fight and sending the three fighters freefalling to the ground. One of the fighter’s sleeves is left horribly injured after the fall.

Kovacs gives his winnings to the married couple so they can get their upgraded sleeves. Bancroft approves. When the guests leave, Kovacs confronts Bancroft in a very awkward meeting. Bancroft forbids Kovacs from ever sleeping with his wife again. Not because he loves her but because he doesn’t want Kovac to touch what is his.

When Kovacs returns to the Jack-It Off to follow up with the exotic entertainer, Alice, he falls into a trap sprung by the thugs that had jumped him and Vernon the last time he was at the seedy establishment.

As Kovacs falls to the ground after being drugged by a distraught Alice, the last thing Kovacs sees is one of the thugs slitting Alice’s throat. Spraying her blood all over the way of the Jack-It Off. Kovacs is taken to the Wei Clinic.

Overall it was a pretty well-done episode. It’s established just how power drunk Lauren’s Bancroft and his family are and further develops the growing partnership of Vernon and Kovacs.

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