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Blocboy JB links with Drake to “Look Alive”

Drake collaborates with Memphis rapper

Look alive, Drake has collaborated with Memphis’ Blocboy JB.

on the new song “Look Alive” produced by Tay Keith. They have also released a video.

The track starts out with an ominous beat with JB saying “Six God, Blocboy, Six God, Blocboy” in the background. The beat drops to trap as soon as Drake’s vocals come in. The video features a few special effects, including a mimic of 8mm film production at the start of the video.

The song is advertised as Blocboy JB ft. Drake, but really it feels like Drake ft. Blocboy JB, as Champagnepapi is rapping for the first two minutes of the three-minute track before Blockboy JB comes in with his verse, and then takes over again for the ending.

Drake however is representing the Memphis area with his lyrics “901 Shelby Drive,” which is a Memphis area code and street.

JB is most well-known for his hit Rover—a piece in which is southern accent is quite emphasized, and his mixtape Who Am I 3, which exists on almost all music streaming platforms, yet is still quite unknown to the world. However, it appears as though the 6 God has taken interest in the 21-year-old.

Though it’s unclear how the two met, or how Drizzy discovered the Memphis rapper, JB raps about how he’s “come along way from sitting in the nosebleeds/ now I’m so close to the game I could steal the fact sheet.” Drake is clearly here to help him to the top.

It’s a standard track for him, not his best, but it’s certainly catchy. In addition, it seems as though Drizzy had a blast participating in this project. He even pulls out some Hotline Bling-like dance moves for it.

The video features scenes of the artists inside basketball court, outside on the street, and in the club. Along with Drizzy and JB, there are several other dudes in this video, who all appear significantly younger than Drake. It can be assumed that these are JB’s homies or squad, especially because there is nobody recognizable from OVO crew in this video.

What will Blocboy JB do with this newfound recognition? Only time will tell. Check out the video below.

Watch: BlocBoy JB & Drake “Look Alive”


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