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The infectious new dance “Scooby Doo PaPa” is the latest craze


There’s a new dance routine blowing up in numbers… I guess you can say it’s the next Harlem Shake of 2018.

Perhaps you’re already aware, if not it will reach your attention shortly. The viral sensation called “Scooby Doo PaPa” is a song and dance routine created by Dominican-born DJ Kasswhich has started to gain a lot of attention in Latin American communities. As silly as that may sound, it is becoming a contagious trend that has now reached its way to America. 

The vastly growing phenomenon is sky-rocketing in views after social media duo Lele Pons and Inanna Sarkis uploaded a comical video of themselves via Instagram. In the clip we see the pair donning the purple and orange outfits as Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake from the Scooby Doo television franchise. The video managed to spiral out of control, as others started to mimic the entire get-up. Viewers started to take on the roles of the iconic mystery gang and upload videos of their own as a challenge.

The bizarre broadcast reached the attention of over 32 million onlookers, but that’s not surprising. There have been plenty of eccentric trendy dances moves throughout the years, and each time the generation eats every bit of it up.

The song was originally released by the Dominican musician back in September, but it’s still flourishing in popularity. There’s no telling at this point when this will dwindle down.


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