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Ravyn Lenae releases new Crush EP

The R&B singer embraces the art of collaboration.

Chicago-based singer Ravyn Lenae is back with a brand new EP entitled “Crush.” The singer, who is usually very protective of her work, admitted to stepping outside of her comfort zone when working with producer Steve Lacy on the five track EP. She tells Fuse in an interview,

“Just being able to trust him and knowing that our taste is very similar kind of put me in a different headspace when approaching music.”

The 19-year-old also changed the sound of the album as she’s grown older. In an interview with Fader, she admits the change in her music.

” The melodies are different, just my approach to certain topics are more blunt, and that’s a matter of the sound that’s changed, and also me being older. I don’t have to hide certain things anymore in my music. I’m feeling a little more confident in who I am and my experiences.”

And it’s that confidence that she’s been more fully embracing, she tells Fuse. She cites Beyonce as one of her motivators when she’s getting ready to perform.

“Right before I get onstage, I imagine that I’m Beyonce. … And that really puts me in a whole different headspace. I’m like, ‘Beyonce wouldn’t care that she didn’t get any sleep. Beyonce wouldn’t care that she didn’t eat breakfast.”

She also learned from being on tour with SZA what it means to be a performer and that every artist has a starting point, that everyone struggles in the beginning of their career.

And it was that struggle that helped her create this new EP with Steve Lacy. She chose to release “Sticky” as the first single not because it was perhaps the strongest song on the Crush, but rather it was the first song the duo cowrote together.

Crush is available now for download and streaming. For those in the Chicago area, Ravyn will be performing on February 15th at Northwestern University. Tickets can be found here.

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