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Review: Legend of the Seagullmen gets epic on self-titled debut

Stories to be told

legendofsgmenOften when super groups form many people get excited for what is to come due to their favorite creative titans from different bands banding together to do something extraordinary.

Some times however, the end result can be a bit of a letdown due to the high expectations.

That said, this is most certainly not the case in the adventurous debut LP from Legend of the SeagullmenLegend of the Seagullmen.

Legend of the Seagullmen brings together the technically proficient talents of Tool‘s Danny Carey on drums, Mastodon‘s Brent Hinds on guitar, director Jimmy Hayward (Jonah Hex) on guitar, David ‘The Doctor’ Dreyer on vocals, Zappa Meets Zappa‘s Peter Griffin on bass, and Chris DiGiovanni on synth.

The group labels themselves as a “cinematic, psychedelic rock supergroup”. In some ways this could most certainly be considered true given the epic tales told in each and every song and the movie score-like nature of some passages of certain songs on the LP.

There are psychedelic-like aspects to the overall sound, but it gives off more of a Led Zeppelin meets folk metal meets modern hard rock kind of vibe.

“Curse of the Red Tide” sounds like it could have been on Led Zeppelin with the “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” acoustic vibe throughout it, but the electric guitar licks and the the orchestral backing in certain moments brings it up to a whole other level, much more grandiose.

The folk metal feel definitely shows up in places like the intro track “We Are the Seagullmen”. Right from the get-go there are the sounds of a ship’s bell, wind, a ship creaking, and the waves crashing up against the sides of the vessel. Soon though things get rocking and loud while bringing in that swinging, epic feel that folk metal does.

Dreyer with a harsh raspy voice introduces the band as though they were a crew of buccaneers through a bombarding chorus and then giving some background in the verses in a way that makes it seem as though he is attempting to strike fear into the hearts of any ships that oppose them.

Legend of the Seagullmen is most certainly an eccentric album on both a lyrical and a musical level. There are themes that remain constant throughout it, but in most cases there is no telling what kind of turn will be taken next.

It’s enough to keep anyone guessing and on their toes.

It has a little something for anyone who is a fan of any form of rock n’ roll. It has that Led Zeppelin vibe in certain areas without being a direct rip-off to bring in the classic rock crew, that high seas themed folk metal to bring in the nerdy metalheads, and that modern edge to bring in who likes more mainstream modern rock.

If nothing else, Legend of the Seagullmen is something that needs to be experienced at least once just for the sheer odd, bold, and daring nature of it.

Rating: 3.85/5

Listen: Legend of the Seagullmen Legend of the Seagullmen

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