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Miami gives Dwyane Wade a standing ovation


Dwyane Wade’s trade back to Miami was stunning.

This past weekend, Wade made his debut as part of his home team, the Miami Heat and the reception was glorious. Thousands of fans cheered and stood to their feet as the 36-year-old 6’4 guard took off his sweats and went into the game.

He scored a 3 pointer as his first basket back in Miami. Although the jerseys are different, the love is still the same. So much so, Wade said “This is it for me guys. Imma stay here until I decide to hang it up” in an NBA TV interview (below).

From his own mouth, Wade will be spending the remainder of his years in the NBA in Miami. He also commented that he looks forward to “passing down his knowledge” to the younger players much like vets did for him while he was early in his career.

Many fans are happy to see Wade back in Miami, and Wade himself exhibits comfort being back in his home. Now that he is home, will the Heat’s season come back around? That is the real question.

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