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The Mars Volta primed for reentry

We will be back soon.

The Mars Volta have been sorely missed.

Having gone on hiatus in 2012 and subsequently disbanding entirely in 2013, the experimental prog rock band left a hole in their worldwide legion of fans. However, it might not be all that much longer until they finally get more tunes and shows because according to vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala they will in fact be returning soon.

The news came practically out of nowhere when Twitter user @NuggyBunny tweeted to Bixler-Zavala, saying:

I don’t think any band can top off the Mars Volta for me… damn. Every time I listen to them (which is often) I’m just…fucking blown away. @cedricbixler_ @themarsvolta ❣️

Bixler-Zavala responded with words that fans have been dying to hear for six years, saying:

Damn. I wish I had half the confidence your proclamation has! Thank you for the kind words. We will be back soon

The Mars Volta had originally broken up due to members of the band having a falling out with one another for the past four years prior to the break-up and also wanting to focus on their own musical projects.
While The Mars Volta has been away, Bixler-Zavala has been busy with his other band At the Drive-In, which is a post-hardcore band comprised of mostly members of The Mars Volta started in 1994.
At the Drive-In put out their first new album in 17 years in•ter a•li•a and in May of last year, for which they received high praise from critics and fans alike.
Since then they have been touring relentlessly. Currently they are making their way through Europe and will be continuing to do so until mid-July.
No news on when things with the Mars Volta return will be under way or on what line-up of the band will be reuniting has been given at press time.
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