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NYFW: Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

Siriano creates a royal dinner party

Christian Siriano celebrated his brand’s ten year anniversary with an over the top NYFW show. The collection was comprised of 72 different looks, each accommodating to various types of women regardless of their body size or gender.

Siriano has made a name for himself by speaking out on the importance of inclusivity in the fashion industry. While many of his contemporaries decorate their runways with only size zero models, Siriano celebrates the female body, incorporating models of all shapes and sizes.

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Supermodel Ashley Graham opened the show, which was inspired by a royal dinner party and late 18th century British art. Graham wore a long red fur coat, belted at the waist to show off her amazing curves, and thigh high red PVC boots. The look embraced and accentuated Graham’s body, instead of covering it.

Another model walked down the runway wearing the same look as Graham, illustrating how Siriano can dress any body type to perfection. The coat looked equally stunning on both models and portrayed his versatility as a designer.

Siriano’s anniversary collection used a lot of color incorporating red, the beautiful color combination of red and magenta, black, metallic silver, and blue. Siriano’s talent for creative, dramatic evening wear was as present as ever. Each gown was made to fit the model perfectly, instead of the model having to fit the garment.

Orange Is The New Black’s Danielle Brookes strutted down the runway in a teal blue gown with a thigh high slit and billowing cape.  Graham’s second look of the show was a red gown under a crystal beaded harness that stretched across her chest and down her arms.

For those who love a great pant suit, Siriano designed a black, embellished blazer and pants complete with a dramatic headpiece that sat on top of the model’s head. Boring was never his strong suit.

Siriano walked down the runway after the show’s finale in moto pants paired with a black velvet blazer over a t-shirt and waved to the approving crowd. His mission to make fashion a more inviting, inclusive industry is a very noble one. Hopefully, other brands and designers will follow suit and share his love for all body types and genders.

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