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Stranger Things Season 3 cut short

A curiosity voyage

 Netflix hit streaming gold with their 80’s sci-fi infused show Stranger Things. But the next installment will sadly be shorter than season two.

Over the last two years, the whole world has become consumed with the X-Files meets Goonies masterpiece from the Duffer Brothers. As streaming instead of traditional television has become the standard way of life for many people across the globe, Netflix‘s Stranger Things has gathered a somewhat cult following.

Season two of the show averaged at 15.8 Million U.S. views within the first few days of release according to Neilson ratings, and season 3, although it hasn’t been shot yet is sure to do just as well due to the popularity of the show.

One thing that fans may not like about the upcoming show is that it will be slightly shorter than season two according to TVLine. The friends will be a year older in 1985, but season three will be an episode short with 8 episodes instead of the 9 viewers watched last season.

Eleven and the gang think things are going back to normal but loyal viewers all know that isn’t the case. Although there will be one less battle to keep the “Upside Down” from taking over our universe, there is sure to be an action-packed fight, and those episodes are sure to keep people on the edge of their seats.

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