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Tinashe debuts Future collab on Beats 1 Radio

So Sensual

Songstress Tinashe dropped a new track on Beats 1 Radio on Monday.

Featuring rapper Future, “Faded Love” is a soft yet upbeat ballad detailing a one night stand. Tinashe’s vocals are relatively muted in this track as she beckons a new lover to “follow me home.”

Tinashe took to Genius to break down the track. She describes the term “faded love” as “one of those moods where you’re feeling sexy, you don’t need to think it through too much, you don’t necessarily need to be with somebody you love, but you’re in the mood tonight.”

Tinashe plays a unique role in music in the way she speaks about sexual encounters, especially in this song. Quite often we are surrounded by music where the man, or the rapper, suggests casual sexual encounters with a woman.

The way Tinashe does it on this song, however, perhaps implies a certain sexual freedom and liberation for women who embrace a more casual attitude towards heat-of-the-moment love-making such as the one she sings about on “Faded Love.”

This track was put out as part of a planned three-track release along with the song No Drama ft. Offset of Migos. “It’s part of a continued rollout plan,” Tinashe tells AOL. “It’s something we’re taking seriously in terms of how we’re presenting the content and I just wanted the music to be as impactful as possible”

This song has definitely had an impact as fans have taken to social media to hashtag the #FadedLove to express their appreciation and excitement for Tinashe’s upcoming second studio album, Joyride.

“Faded Love” was released on several streaming devices this morning including Apple Music, where a short Beats 1 Radio interview with the star and DJ Zane Lowe about the song can also be viewed.

In the interview Tinashe talks about how she wanted Hendrix on this song because it seemed like an unexpected song for him and she wanted to see what it would be like to have him rap on this mellowed-out beat. Lowe refers to Tinashe and Hendrix as the “dream collaboration.”

The two first collaborated on Tinashe’s 2014 debut album Aquarius, on the song “How Many Times”, where Tinashe begs the question “how many times can we make love in one night?” Tinashe describes this track underrated, which is why she wanted to collaborate again with Hendrix for “Faded Love.”

Tinashe also tells Beats 1 that her upcoming album Joyride is totally finished, and she is just in the mixing process now. She mentions additional collaborations include French Montana and Ty Dolla $ign.

Listen: Tinashe “Faded Love”

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