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Fuse interviews Young M.A about her healthier lifestyle

Fuse’s newest original digital series is heating up, quite literally.

The fueling new series gives viewers a taste of what music’s hottest artists are like when they step outside the studio and into the kitchen. The short series premiered today on the Fuse YouTube channel. The opening episode interviews Brooklyn rapper Young M.A accompanied by her grandma, G Mac as she opens up about her improved lifestyle changes over a steamy home-cooked meal.

As the pair whip up a classic family recipe of Cajun cod and cabbage, the rapper explains her journey so far on a more personal level. The very down to earth 25-year-old unveils the bare truth on what it’s like standing out as a rising artist amid a male-dominated industry and eventually rising up as a platinum-selling rapper. Besides making a commitment to controlling her own identity, Young M.A also talks about her recent weight loss course and what prompted her to cut out meat off her diet entirely.

Last year, Young M.A spent endless nights touring on the road alongside 21 Savage; unfortunately, it took a toll on her body for the worst. Becoming drained and unmotivated she ultimately decided to cross out junk-food from her life forever.

“Anywhere we stopped. We probably stopped at Golden Corral, McDonalds, any fast food spot, any restaurant, all you can eat. And then you know we had a lot of alcohol on the road or whatever the case. All those things started to add up, so when I got off tour I was 167. I couldn’t believe it. I was like ‘bet, I’m make it my duty, I’m going to sign up for this gym.’ Signed up for a gym. I just said ‘yo ima cut out meats.’”

In an Instagram post last month, M.A finally put rumors to rest by admitting she, in fact, lost weight to purposely better herself. “To all my supporters that keep saying I lost weight.. yes it was on purpose lol I’ve stop eating meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb…),” she writes.

However, weight loss wasn’t the only obstacle she dealt with. She also had to overcome being the odd woman out in the music biz. Growing up a bit of a ‘tomboy’ Young M.A. learned to accept herself from a young age, fronting a hard exterior in the public eye.

  “Part of it kinda takes place with hip-hop… being a girl on the football team and trying to be dominant in a dominant industry or whatever the case …I kind of could say I could of probably broke down that door down to people who are like “she’s a gay rapper” I literally came through the door like don’t label me. I’m not a gay rapper I’m a rapper so I guess once I made that establish from the door it became okay this is just Young M.A she’s an artist,” she explains to Fuse. “It was kinda me making that initiative to at the same time, you know people automatically judge you how as however they wanna take you as so I came through the door and said no don’t make me as that this is me.”

Stripping away gender labels off the market, Young M.A is indeed a resilient trooper. Not to mention she found a new found talent when it comes to prepping up delicious food on the menu, catering to cleansing the body for the better.


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